Matters of Fate

A Matter of Fate – Fate Chips & Bounty Points

Bounty Points

I won’t be awarding bounty points at the end of each session. Instead you will have to convert fate chips to bounty points. So you will have to choose between improving your hero or having chips to save your bacon. This said I’m usually not stingy with fate chip rewards. The bounty points method can raise things a little quick so no aptitude can be raised more than once per session.

Earning Chips

Here are some ways to earn chips. All chips earned will be random draws.

  • Role Playing As always role playing your hindrances is the easiest way to earn chips. This will earn you a single chip draw from the pot. Abuse this (i.e. if you have a hankerin’ for whiskey and remind at every possible instance that your taking a drink) and it will lose effectiveness. Just bring it up when it would be appropriate or an actual hindrance.
  • Problem Solving Figuring out problems, solving issues, finding clues or generally using your brain to do more then mechanically roll the bones will earn you a draw from the fate pot.
  • Hindrance Problem Solving This is a tuffy, use a hindrance to solve a problem. Say yer yeller and want to run from big bad monster in town but it’s you or a poor kid stuck out on the street too. You are good at two things running and hiding. You could get the the beasts attention (a guts check) then run and hide leading the creature away from the kid. Come up with a way to make a hindrance solve a problem and you’ll earn the right to draw two chips from the fate pot.
  • Witty One-Liners I’m a sucker for them so in character or just during table talk being particularly witty or funny will earn you a fate chip draw.
  • Meta Game Chips Some actions outside of No Man’s Land can earn you fate chip draws. Buying snacks for the session, contributing on our obsidian portal site, providing gaming location or supplies, rides for players who need them, providing solutions for your character should you be unable to attend a session, and many other out of game things will provide you a fate chip draw.
  • End of Arc Rewards At the end of a story arc you will be rewarded with a draw of three chips from the fate pot to reflect experience gained to overcome the troubles faced.

Stockpiling Chips

This is bad for the heroes two fold. One, If the post starts to run dry then there are no more chip rewards. Two, if I notice the posse with a large collection of chips I will find a way to get some back in the pot.

Black Chips

Found this one on another site and thought it was pretty cool.

Just as fate smiles on those that persevere against the odds and accomplish their goals, fate also frowns upon those that cause trouble and fail their desires. When the posse royally screws up an adventure and ends up leaving things worse than when they started, they earn a “Black Chip”. Some examples of screwing things up include raising a fear level, a major public disgrace for the posse, letting tough opponents get away, getting involved in the wrong side of a dispute and gaining major notoriety for their magical or bizarre talents which would draw the attention of the Tombstone Epitaph or government agency.

When a posse member draws a Black Chip from the fate pot, fate frowns upon the group and bad things are soon to come. Remove the Black Chip from the game just as you would a used Legend Chip. The posse member who drew the Black Chip does not get to draw a replacement chip. During the session, something bad will happen to the posse and that something will most likely notice the player who drew the Black Chip first if possible. For example, if the posse earned the Black Chip because they angered, attacked and fled from the notorious bandit “Six-gun Sanchez”, then maybe he came looking for the posse for revenge. And Mr. Sanchez most likely walks into the local saloon just as the unfortunate individual who drew the Black Chip was coming down the stairs…alone. Sanchez will most likely take out his pent-up aggression on right then and there, or follow the individual back to the posse before he begins causing trouble (depending how deserving he is and what kind of mood the Marshal is in). Say the posse earned the Black Chip because their huckster gained a reputation as a practitioner of the black arts, then maybe a team of Pinkertons or a posse of bounty killers will be aiming to take him dead or alive. Only the players may draw Black Chips. The possibilities are endless, but any way you look at it, the Black Chip is an omen that something wicked this way comes…

As an alternative, if the Marshal draws the Black Chip from the fate pot, he may treat it as a Legend Chip for himself. During that session, something bad will happen just as if a posse member had drawn it. Under this system, if the Marshal draws a true Legend Chip he returns it to the fate pot and does not redraw; therefore only the posse may have Legend Chips and only the Marshal can keep and use Black Chips. There may only be one Black Chip in the fate pot at a time.

Matters of Fate

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