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People of Interest

The Good
heroes for hire
Dr. Shady Slim
Dr. Cletus Vanderwinkle
John Walks Without Sound
Katherine “Kitty” Claire
William Munny

The Bad
villains paving the road to hell
Desmond Finch
Dr. Martin Braum
Marshall Wesley Jackson
Deputy Marshall T.J. Stipley
Dallas “Big Iron” Fisher
Peter “Mean Pete” O’ Doule
James “Big Jim” Flannigan

The Ugly
foul abominations of the weird west
Ska Olepi
Sludge Walkers

The, Um…Extras
those folk who really don’t fall into the other groups
Mayor Robert Riddell
Father Shamus
Sam Teller
Martina Ramirez
Dan Harper
Deputy Marshall John Crow
Deputy Marshall Johanna Crow
Federal Mining Regulation and Safety Agents
The Lane Ranch

Boot Hill
cowpokes at rest…for now

Corporal Stephen Turner
Private Elmer Turner

Places of Interest

The Southwest

Trinkets of Great Power

items of power from No Man’s Land
Cursed Relics
Gizmos and Gadgets

The Bounty Board

notorious outlaws of No Man’s Land, current events, and odd jobs
The Board

No Man’s Land History Lessons

Adventure Cliff Notes

Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Our Tale Begins

House Rules

No Man’s Land rules!
Draw! – Makin’ Heroes
Dem Bones – Tools o’ the Trade
Matters of Fate

Main Page

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