Dem Bones - Tools o' the Trade

The Bones

That’s dice for the uninitiated. One thing that a friend of mine has implemented in a game will effect No Man’s Land and it effects Aces. On aptitude and coordination checks when you roll the maximum number on a die, this is called an Ace. Normally you can keep rolling dice as long as you keep getting the maximum number. Well bones in No Man’s Land will only Ace once.

Games of Chance

The Dead Man’s Hand This one applies to mad scientists and hucksters. When either has to draw for a creating a gizmo or casting a hex they may add the infamous “dead man’s hand” to the list of possible results. That’s both black aces, both black eights and the queen of clubs. This hand has two effects one it counts as an automatic success, one step under the best possible result (can’t out do the royal flush) but it also come with a price. Hucksters have to role on the backlash table and Mad Scientists have to roll on the madness table, unless they can pass a TN 11 spirit roll.

Dem Bones - Tools o' the Trade

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